Skyeng company bought 25% of the educational service Qmarketing Academy with the possibility of increasing the share

Skypro 25 November 2021 12:17

Skyeng has expanded its presence in the field of additional professional education (DPO): the company bought a share of the online school of marketing and design Qmarketing Academy from the marketing agency Qmarketing. The company will integrate the online school into the professional education vertical of the Skypro online university. At the first stage of the transaction, Skyeng bought 25% of the educational service Qmarketing Academy with the possibility of further increasing the ownership share.

The deal will expand the Skypro product line and increase expertise in the promotion of educational courses and professions in the field of vocational training. The size of the transaction was not disclosed. 

"The DPO market has great potential in Russia. We see this and that is why we launched the Skypro online university six months ago. We had the strongest product expertise in the EdTech market thanks to Skyeng's experience, but Skypro needed a partner with powerful expertise in marketing and sales. 
For us, the partnership with Qmarketing is a synergy of product and marketing competencies. Together with the Qmarketing Academy team, we will be able to better promote and scale educational products, understand and use new knowledge in the DPO market. The Academy will develop together with us, and in the future it will be able to integrate into Skypro, and we are happy about this," he says Khariton Matveev, founder of Skyeng and CEO of Skypro.

The expertise of the Qmarketing Academy team in DPO became a key factor in the decision to purchase a stake in the company when considering an M&A transaction. The Qmarketing Academy team will transfer to Skypro, but by the end of the year the academy will continue to develop and promote existing products under its brand.

Roman Kumar Vyas, Igor Vinidiktov and Alexander Solovyov, the founders of the academy, will advise Skypro on the best practices in promoting online education products for adults. They will also take part in the development of the joint event "Impulse".

Impulse is an online intensive that helps people understand the labor market. The project gives an impetus and concrete tools for changing the profession to a higher-paying one. The first launches of "Impulse" were held in October and November of this year. The events gathered more than four thousand spectators from all over the country. The brands plan to hold it on a regular basis. 

"For the development of the Qmarketing Academy in Russia, investments and a strong brand are needed. This is what Skyeng can give us. The most important thing is that the mission and goals of Skyeng and Skypro are ideologically close to us. Skypro does not sacrifice the quality of the product for the sake of sales and marketing, unlike other major players in the DPO market. It achieves the students' goals and takes the market to a new level. 
Today, the Qmarketing Academy unites 2,500 students and 35 practical teachers. We offer seven, and in the future — ten in-demand professions in the labor market. Combining with Skypro will allow Qmarketing Academy to use the capabilities and tools of an online university. Together we will make the adult education market even more useful and accessible across the country," he says Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Qmarketing Academy.

Skypro plans to adapt the Qmarketing Academy course programs and teaching aids to its platform. The teaching staff and approaches to learning will remain. Qmarketing Academy students integrate seamlessly: their studies will continue on the Skypro platform.

About Skyeng

Skyeng is Russia's largest EdTech company that combines products for children and adults into a single online educational ecosystem. It includes Skyeng, one of the leading online English language schools in Europe for adults, Skysmart, an online school for children and teenagers, as well as a service with ready-made digital solutions for Skyes universities. In 2021, the company launched the Skypro online University of Skills and Professions. Thus, the company presented itself in the market of additional professional education. 

Training in the Skyeng online ecosystem takes place on its own educational platform Vimbox using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies. The platform is integrated with the student's personal account, dictionary and mobile application. 

Now Skyeng leads the top 35 largest EdTech companies in Russia according to RBC and is among the top 30 most expensive companies on the Runet according to Forbes. Since its foundation, more than 15,000 highly qualified teachers have been cooperating with Skyeng. More than 150,000 students are engaged on the platform.

About Skypro 

Skypro is an online university of cost-effective education from Skyeng. Skyeng is the largest EdTech company in Russia. It is among the TOP 30 most expensive companies on the Runet according to Forbes and heads the TOP 35 largest EdTech companies in Russia according to RBC. 
Now Skypro teaches five professions: data analyst, testing engineer, Python developer, Java developer, Frontend developer, and there are also ten educational programs in programming, marketing and financial literacy in the catalog.

The company's goal is to build an online university of cost-effective education, train and employ 1 million Russians, increasing their incomes.

In May 2021, Skypro launched the educational model "Income share agreement" (ISA), according to which training and employment takes place without advance payment, and then is paid for by a percentage of wages for two years, in case of successful employment. 

Now, using the ISA model, you can train as a Frontend developer, data analyst, and testing engineer.

 About Qmarketing Academy:

Qmarketing Academy is a Russian educational platform, was founded by the former co-owner of Qlean, Roman Kumar Vyas, as well as Igor Vinidiktov and Alexander Solovyov in 2019.

The company offers training in popular digital specialties. More than 2,500 people have been trained at the Qmarketing Academy for two years. At this stage, the company has implemented six successful projects in marketing, design and other areas. 

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