The competencies of the RUSNANO Group will ensure the formation of an ecosystem for the hydrogen industry

RUSNANO Management Company 15 October 2021 20:56

Alisher Kalanov, Head of the Investment Division of RUSNANO Group, took part in the session "Growing Renewable Energy Markets: Is there a potential for energy exports from Russia to Europe" within the framework of REN-2021.

"We have raised two of the largest players in the "green" market - both in the sun and in the wind. And not just players, but the entire ecosystem, where there is generation, production, science, and education. From the point of view of what needs to be developed, we believe in hydrogen. It is in demand now and will have export potential in the long term. The formation of the industry will require the development of related technologies, the transfer or localization of new solutions," Alisher Kalanov said. 

This is, first of all: offshore wind energy, hydrogen production technologies, storage and transportation technologies, new materials.

The Group is a pioneer of the emerging hydrogen energy industry and considers the low-carbon hydrogen energy industry as one of its investment areas.

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The RUSNANO Group includes the RUSNANO Joint Stock Company, the RUSNANO Management Company Limited Liability Company and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Thanks to the investments of the RUSNANO Group, 138 enterprises and R&D centers operate in 37 regions of Russia.

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