The creation of a Russian-Chinese working group on flood prevention in the Amur basin is being discussed

Rosvodresursy 08 December 2022 19:05

The Amur River and its tributaries flowing through the territory of four states need an effective basin-wide strategy for the protection and rational use of water, which would be recognized by all countries of the region. This was reported by the deputy head of the Amur BVU Rosvodresursov Elena Airaksinen in her speech at the practical conference "The Far East: Problems of development of architectural, construction and road transport complexes", which was held at the Pacific State University.

Among all the river sections of the state border of Russia, the border with the People's Republic of China occupies a special place. The main water bodies of the basin - Amur, Argun, Ussuri, as well as Sungacha and Lake Khanka - serve as natural borders between the two states. Intensive economic activity on the banks of the Amur River in the last 50-60 years has exacerbated a number of water management problems. Intensive and large-scale channel deformations, as well as changes in the water content of transboundary water bodies and their pollution are of the greatest importance.

According to the Plan of joint monitoring of Russian-Chinese Transboundary Water bodies, since 2007, specialists from both countries have been monitoring the quality of waters and sediments on the territory of the Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, in the Trans-Baikal, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories. Within the framework of the Joint Russian-Chinese Commission, it is planned to create another working group involving cooperation in the field of flood prevention.

"It is planned that the group will engage in scientific, analytical and informational interaction on the occurrence and spread of floods, assessment of their possible consequences and reduction of probable damage. Such work involves the rapid exchange of hydrological, hydrometeorological and morphometric information, conducting joint scientific research on modeling the spread of floods, forecasting changes in the hydrological situation," said Elena Hayraksinen.

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