The fourth comprehensive AI service for the diagnosis of diseases has been launched in Moscow

Moscow City Hall 27 September 2023 15:17

A new integrated artificial intelligence (AI) service has appeared in Moscow, which can simultaneously detect several diseases on a CT scan of the chest organs. The algorithms work within the framework of the Moscow experiment on the use of computer vision technologies in radiation diagnostics. This is the fourth comprehensive solution in the domestic market of algorithm developers. This was announced by Anastasia Rakova, Acting Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

"Another neural network has appeared in the capital for complex detection of signs of diseases of the chest organs. The emergence of such solutions is the result of the development of the domestic market of intellectual developments in the field of medicine, which is due to the qualitative expansion of the Moscow experiment. Thanks to the automation of routine tasks, doctors have more time to analyze the patient's research. At the same time, the team of specialists from the capital continues to search for optimal scenarios for the use of high-tech integrated solutions in practice. Today in Moscow, about 50 algorithms in 23 clinical areas analyze research in real time, four of which are complex AI services," Anastasia Rakova said.

In one study of the chest, the neural network is able to recognize the signs of eight pathologies: lung cancer, pneumonia, spinal osteoporosis, aortic aneurysm, pulmonary hypertension, hydrothorax, coronary heart disease by the degree of calcification of the coronary arteries and the volume of pericardial fat.

The first comprehensive AI service began to help the capital's radiologists in 2022. On average, he processes about 20 thousand radiation examinations per month. Today, on one CT scan, he is able to simultaneously recognize the signs of up to 10 diseases. The second integrated AI service appeared in the spring of 2023, the third in the summer of this year. In total, during the period of the experiment, artificial intelligence services analyzed more than 10.5 million medical images.

On the medical image, algorithms highlight areas of deviation from the norm in color, make the necessary measurements. They provide the doctor with both visual cues and a textual description.

Since 2020, artificial intelligence-based technologies have been actively introduced into healthcare in the capital. The work is carried out within the framework of the Moscow experiment on the use of computer vision technologies. The project was launched on the basis of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine jointly by the Moscow Department of Health and the Department of Information Technology.

The Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine is an advanced scientific and practical organization in the structure of the Moscow Department of Health, founded in 1996. He specializes in conducting high-precision diagnostics based on radiation studies, organizing the work of departments in medical institutions and improving the quality of diagnostic studies through standardization of activities. In addition, the center is engaged in the dissemination of the best medical practices and the introduction of innovative technologies in medical institutions not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia.

The project corresponds to the goals and objectives of the national project "Healthcare" and is aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of medical care to residents of Moscow.

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