The Moscow Region company will receive half a billion rubles for development from the FRP of the Russian Federation

Government of the Moscow Region 06 July 2022 19:25

The Expert Council of the Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Federation approved the issuance of a loan to the Cotton Club company near Moscow, the company will receive a loan on preferential terms under the FRP program "Formation of a component and resource base", the press service of the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region reports.

"A manufacturer of hygiene products from the Moscow region will be able to receive more than 496 million rubles from the FRP of the Russian Federation. The funds will be allocated for the purchase of tooling for equipment, which will allow the Cotton Club company to organize uninterrupted production of components for the production of final products. This is already the 11th company from the Moscow region that has received the approval of the Federal Budget of the Russian Federation for the provision of preferential loans since the beginning of this year for the implementation of import substitution projects. The total amount of loans attracted by our enterprises to the FRP this year is over 3.5 billion rubles," said Ekaterina Zinovieva, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region.

By purchasing additional equipment for the equipment, the Cotton Club company will be able to ensure uninterrupted production and avoid possible downtime due to long logistics chains when supplying equipment and molds in the near future. With the support of the FRP, the Cotton Club company will be able to continue the continuous production of plastic packaging products that are necessary for liquid soap, household chemicals, cotton swabs, wet wipes and other products manufactured by the enterprise. Also, the company, with the help of additional accessories purchased for its own production of non-woven fabric used to form the outer protective layer of diapers, as well as accessories and spare parts for existing diaper production lines, will continue the uninterrupted production of baby diapers under its own brand. In addition, the company will continue to produce cotton pads, antiseptics, disinfectants and other products.

"Today our priority task is to ensure vertical integration of production: to localize all production cycles at our enterprise as much as possible. This will allow the company to gain independence from suppliers of raw materials and components for our products. With the support of the FRP, we plan to achieve our goals and provide consumers with high-quality domestic products," said Ildar Garayev, General Director of Cotton Club LLC.

The acquisition of equipment accessories will allow the Cotton Club company to produce 720 million pieces of diapers, more than 64.8 million packages of cotton buds, 144 million packages of cotton pads, 72 million packages of wet wipes, 36 million packages of liquid detergents for the entire period of the project.

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