The Russian BIM system Model Studio CS was presented at the Congress "TIM COMMUNITY 2021. PEOPLE. technologies. PROCESSES"

SiSoft Group of Companies 25 November 2021 20:36

GC "SiSoft" (CSoft) took part in the work of the First Joint Eurasian Congress "TIM-COMMUNITY 2021. PEOPLE. technologies. PROCESSES", which took place on November 23-24 in Moscow on the basis of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

The purpose of the forum is to unite experts in the field of information modeling technologies, as well as to create a single platform for obtaining up-to-date information about digital innovations. The Congress participants planned to develop universal approaches to the formation of a business model that ensures the effective transition of all participants in investment and construction processes to TIM from January 1, 2022 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 331 of 05.03.2021.

Recall that, according to this Decree, the use of information modeling technologies will become mandatory at state-ordered facilities funded from the budget of the Russian Federation - from federal to municipal facilities, regardless of their cost. Thus, all contracts concluded after January 1, 2022, for the construction of schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other facilities funded by the state should have provisions on the formation and use of an information model. 

The most important conditions for the development of industry innovations are professional personnel, technologies and the regulatory framework. That is why the organizers divided the business program of the Congress into three blocks: "People", "Technologies", "Processes".

During the thematic panel discussions, industry experts discussed the role of the state and NOTIM in the training of professional personnel, the development of the Russian software market and national data formats in the field of TIM, legal and technological norms in the field of digitalization.

SiSoft Group of Companies on The Congress was presented by the project manager Alexander Korostylev, who spoke at the session "Processes and Technologies" with the report "Open national format of the digital information model XPG". During his speech, he spoke about the domestic open universal XPG format developed by SiSoft Development (part of the SiSoft Group of Companies) for the presentation of parametric 2D/3D/BIM models based on XML, about its application for creating, maintaining, updating BIM projects. The speaker shared his experience of using the XPG digital format for information modeling of civil and industrial facilities based on the Model Studio CS product line, voiced CSoft's proposals for the development of the XPG digital format as a national one (naturally, in case of support and interest of the state).

Everyone could ask their questions to the speakers and developers in the lobby of the MGSU building – it was here that the companies presented their stands. The CSoft booth was attended by project managers Alexander Korostylev and Dmitry Abakumov.

JSC "SiSoft Development" (CSoft Development)

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