The volume of Baltic Leasing's new business in St. Petersburg has grown by 91 in 10 months%

Baltic Leasing 25 November 2021 18:41

According to the results of ten months of 2021, the volume of new business of Baltic Leasing in St. Petersburg increased by 91% compared to the result of the same period last year and exceeded 11.5 billion rubles with VAT. At the same time, the number of transactions over the same period of time increased by 41% and reached 2,423 contracts.

The St. Petersburg division of Baltic Leasing has already fulfilled its annual plan for today. It is also important to note that according to the results of three quarters, the car leasing department in St. Petersburg transferred property worth 2 billion rubles, this is a record in history.

"The demand for leasing in the whole market is stable now. If we talk about the auto leasing segment, the sharp increase in demand with the news about the increase in the key rate stimulated the Central Bank. During this period during the month we received a lot of applications, now we see a slight decrease. In December, we forecast another jump, because people see what is happening in the motor transport market in terms of the deficit," said Andrey Bugrov, head of the St. Petersburg division of Baltic Leasing LLC.

But, despite the shortage, auto leasing will remain one of the main drivers of the market. The segment is actively developing, and now it involves not only the transfer of cars to the lessee, it is a convenient set of services.

"The incentive for further development and promotion of car leasing is to offer customers additional services related to car ownership. It should be noted that now we offer additional services not only within the framework of operating leases, but also classical financial leasing. Our clients have access to such services as tire service, insurance at a special rate (CASCO / CTP), including after the expiration of the contract, delivery of leasing property to the location desired by the client, trade-in service and much more. By offering these options, we take care of the client to ensure the technical part of the operation of the car, insurance and its implementation at the end of the contract. This saves time: the client does not need to look for a service organization, negotiate, track the dates of maintenance, make payments. Our employees will do all this for the client," explains Dmitry Korchagov, General Director of Baltic Leasing.

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