UEC-Saturn presented new materials of its own development

Rostec 24 September 2021 18:42

The company "UEC-Saturn" of the United Engine Corporation Rostec presented synthesized materials from metal-powder compositions of its own design and innovative hybrid technologies in the production of engines at the X International conference "Beam technologies and laser applications" in St. Petersburg.

The general qualification (certification) of synthesized materials from metal-powder compositions of its own design was carried out at UEC-Saturn. These developments include heat-resistant cobalt-based alloys, stainless steel for laser synthesis technology and titanium alloys for electron beam fusion technology.

"The UEC has developed the only synthesized materials in Russia based on cobalt, stainless steel and titanium alloy, which are included in the restrictive lists recommended for use in aviation. Moreover, the cobalt alloy and stainless steel have been successfully tested and approved by the interdepartmental commission. They are included in the restrictive list of materials allowed for use in marine gas turbine engines," said Sergey Polyakov, a process engineer at the Additive technologies department of UEC − Saturn.

The most advanced equipment in the field of additive technologies is concentrated at the Rybinsk enterprise of the UEC. With its help, it is possible to produce selective laser sintering, selective laser fusing, electron beam fusing, direct metal deposition.

Process engineer Anastasia Roslova presented the development of a hybrid technology for manufacturing lightweight products with a cellular structure made of aluminum alloys. The technology consists in creating a burnt plastic model using a layer-by-layer construction of a molten polymer thread. The next step of the process is to fill the gypsum mold with a non-ferrous alloy using vacuum suction and solidify under pressure in a special filling chamber.

Cast cellular material will provide a long service life, increased reliability, specific strength and energy efficiency of the part. And the cost of production will be significantly reduced compared to foreign analogues.

The conference was held on September 20-22, 2021, organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, SPbGMTU, NCMU "Advanced Digital Technologies, ILIST, JSC "USC", UEC, Center for Laser Technologies.

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