Wind Energy Development Fund commissioned 478 MW of new capacity

RUSNANO 01 December 2021 18:09

The Wind Energy Development Fund (a joint investment fund created on a parity basis by RUSNANO Group and Fortum PJSC) has started commercial operation of wind power plants in the Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov regions with a total capacity of 478 MW. This is the largest single-stage commissioning of renewable energy capacities in the history of Russian energy.

"We are witnessing the rapid development of wind energy in the regions of Russia, which once again proves the efficiency of the domestic system of support for "green" energy. Together with Fortum, we have created a market player - the Wind Energy Development Fund, which has formed the largest portfolio of projects in Russia within the framework of the DPM RES 1.0 and 2.0 programs. The portfolio of projects of the DPM RES 1.0 program forms orders for enterprises producing localized wind turbine equipment created with the participation of RUSNANO. All requirements to ensure the necessary level of localization of wind turbines are fully met. RUSNANO is ready for new industrial challenges within the framework of fulfilling the requirements for deepening the level of localization and ensuring exports formed by the regulator for the implementation of Renewable energy 2.0 PDM projects," said Alisher Kalanov, Member of the Management Board, Head of the Investment Division of RUSNANO Management Company LLC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wind Energy Management Company LLC.

"Fortum structures in Russia, including the Wind Energy Development Fund, were the first to overcome the threshold, unique for Russia, ensuring the total commissioning of wind power plants over 1 GW. Despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global rise in prices for metals and building materials, we commissioned hundreds of megawatts of renewable energy in 2020 and 2021 in accordance with the schedule and the approved level of capital expenditures. The pace and volume of construction taken demonstrate the Fund's ability to implement the most ambitious investment program in Russia in the field of renewable energy, which provides for the construction of more than 3.4 GW by 2027," comments Alexander Chuvaev, Executive Vice President of Fortum Corporation, head of the Russia division, General Director of the Wind Energy Management Company.

114 wind power plants were installed during the year, and the Fund's portfolio of implemented projects increased to 1,078 MW. Production and assembly of the main components - blades, towers, gondolas - is carried out in Russia. The degree of localization of equipment of commissioned wind farms has been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and is more than 65%.

Astrakhan region: the largest renewable energy project of 2021

In the Astrakhan region, five wind generation facilities were built and began supplying electricity and capacity to the wholesale electricity and capacity market (OREM) at once: the Radiated wind power plant, the Manlanskaya wind power plant, the Staritskaya wind power plant, the Kholmskaya wind power plant and the Chernoyarsk wind power plant. 81 wind power plants manufactured by Vestas have been installed on the territory of the stations with a total capacity of 340 MW. Astrakhan wind farms have become the second largest wind energy cluster of the Fund after the cluster of capacities in the Rostov region.

Volgograd region: the start of the first wind farm

In the Volgograd region, industrial operation of the Kotovskaya wind power plant with a capacity of 88 MW began in December. 21 wind power plants manufactured by Vestas with a capacity of 4.2 MW each have been installed on the territory of the stations. Kotovskaya wind farm has become the first wind generation facility in the Volgograd region, but the Fund is already implementing the following investment project in the region: in the fourth quarter of 2022, it is planned to put into operation the Novoalekseyevskaya wind farm with a capacity of 17 MW.

Rostov region:  expansion of the wind energy cluster to 400 MW

In the Rostov Region, the Wind Energy Development Fund has started commercial operation of the second stage of the Cossack wind farm. In 2021, 12 wind power plants manufactured by Vestas with a capacity of 4.2 MW each were installed on the territory of the wind farm, and the station reached its design capacity of 100 MW.

To date, the largest regional investment program of the Fund has been implemented in the Rostov region. With the commissioning of the second stage of the Cossack wind Farm, the total installed capacity of Russia's largest wind energy cluster located in the Rostov region has increased to 400 MW.

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