With the new document processing system, Baltic Leasing will save 80 working days per year

Baltic Leasing 28 January 2022 18:52

The project office of Baltic Leasing presented a new system for working with incoming electronic financial documents (WEFD). The service allows you to save time by robotizing routine tasks and excluding operators from part of the processes.

Thanks to the updates, the process of detecting errors in uploaded files and redirecting them for revision without the participation of an operator is automated. In addition, the operator no longer needs to deal with routing financial documents, since this function has also been transferred to the system.

Another important advantage of the new WEFD processing system is the redirection from SAP to the financial document card in Docsvision of the date of the actual transfer of the property to leasing, thanks to this there is no need to upload the act of acceptance and transfer of the leased item into the system, and accounting does not need to control this fact. In addition, the last stage of processing a financial document by an accountant is also no longer necessary, which significantly saves time for the relevant department. We also note that now there is no need to monitor the availability of existing agreements on electronic document management.

Informing employees responsible for transaction support has been brought to a new qualitative level. Now they receive all notifications about the status changes uploaded to the WEFD system in a timely manner, without wasting time on manual monitoring.

If we reflect the results of the implementation of the new system in numbers, we can see a significant benefit. On average, the time spent on registration of one WEFD by the operator was reduced by 17 minutes. Taking into account the volume of the WEF, on average, the company will save 53.6 working hours or 6.7 working days per month, and the savings will reach 80 working days per year.

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