With the support of Rosatom, a scientific physics school for teenagers was opened in Sirius

Rosatom 01 August 2022 19:14

With the support of the Rosatom State Corporation, a scientific school in physics was opened at the Sirius educational center for teenagers who showed outstanding abilities at the All-Russian Olympiads (August Scientific School in Physics).

The school will train students from 11 regions of the country: 39 ninth grade students, 34 tenth grade students.

The program will last until August 24 and will be aimed at teaching talented schoolchildren key aspects of quantum physics and the basics of quantum technologies. Along with educational lectures, scientists will conduct laboratory workshops in the field of laser physics, quantum optics, photovoltaics. The developer of the educational program was the National Quantum Laboratory (NCL), a consortium created under the auspices of the Rosatom State Corporation to unite key players in the field of construction of domestic quantum computers. The curators of the program were Professor of the University of Southampton and head of the scientific group "Quantum Polaritonics" of the Russian Quantum Center (RCC) Alexey Kavokin, Director of the Lebedev Physical Institute and head of the scientific group "Precision Quantum Measurements" of the RCC Nikolai Kolachevsky and head coach of the Russian national team in physics Vitaly Shevchenko.

"Such educational programs are one of the key tools for the popularization of quantum technologies and the formation of a scientific personnel reserve, the work on which is critical for achieving technological sovereignty. In fact, gifted schoolchildren from all over Russia not only get access to world-class scientists, but also get acquainted, begin to communicate with each other. In the future, this contributes to the interaction between scientific groups in different regions, there is a synergistic effect necessary for the development of new technological directions. Sirius as a science city plays an important role in the promotion of quantum technologies: schools on quantum computing and communications are regularly held here," Ruslan Yunusov, Head of the project office for Quantum Technologies of Rosatom State Corporation, stressed.

"Our task is to turn school physics into a lively and exciting activity. The riddles of quantum mechanics will help us in this. The program itself is built as a bridge from the XIX to the XXI century: we start from classical physics, created by Newton, Maxwell, Boltzmann, and show how a new science was born out of several seemingly insignificant paradoxes at the beginning of the XX century: quantum mechanics. We will trace the path of its development — from the Planck hypothesis to the Feynman and Deutsch quantum computer. Students will be offered practical and laboratory work in which they explore the quantum nature of light. In our free time from lessons, we will talk about the life and work of modern scientists," said Alexey Kavokin, professor at the University of Southampton, head of the Quantum Polaritonics research group at the Russian Quantum Center.

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