AK&M Rating Agency has upgraded PJSC ROSSETI North-West's ESG Reporting Rating to Resg1

RA AK&M 24 September 2021 12:54

AK&M rating Agency has upgraded PJSC ROSSETI North-West's ESG reporting rating to RESG1, which corresponds to the highest level of disclosure of information about sustainable development in the organization's public reports. In 2020, the Company was assigned a rating of RESG 2.

The Company discloses the ESG information as part of the annual report. PJSC ROSSETI North-West measures its activities in the field of sustainable development with international standards. The company has implemented and operates quality management systems and an environmental management system.

In the report of PJSC ROSSETI North-West for 2020, information about the contribution to the development of the regions of presence and charity is fully disclosed, the company's efforts to ensure employee safety and labor protection are described in detail, environmental indicators and information on personnel development are disclosed at a high level. Most of the indicators controlled by the AK&M Rating Agency are presented in dynamics over three years and in the context of branches.

The ESG reporting rating has been calculated by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2020. The research focuses on the completeness of the presentation of information about sustainable development in reports (annual and sustainable development reports), as well as its availability. The study considers 88 markers. The main purpose of this rating is to show the professional community the best practices of disclosing information about the social and environmental activities of companies.

In 2021, the ESG Reporting Rating includes leading Russian companies that were the first in Russia to build their business in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

More information about the Rating: https://akmrating.ru/reytingotchetnostiesg/