From April 1 in St. Petersburg, you can get a discount on travel in trams and trolleybuses

Mir payment system 31 March 2023 13:24

Starting from April 1, all trams and trolleybuses in St. Petersburg will have a discount on travel. When paying for trips with a Mir card or a Single St. Petersburg Card (ECP), you can save up to 25 rubles.

So, paying for travel by card with a plastic card "Mir", you can save 22 rubles from the cost of the "guest" fare, with the ECP — 23 rubles. If you download the national map to your smartphone, then each train will cost 24 rubles cheaper, and with The ECP in the phone is for 25 rubles.

To add a Mir card or ECP to your Android smartphone, you need to use one of the mobile payment services. For example, Mir Pay or Samsung Pay. Registration in the application will take about a minute, and immediately after the "binding" of the card, you can pay for travel with benefits. In particular, a virtual Mir card issued in the bank's application (which does not have a plastic carrier) can be loaded into payment applications.

"Favorable offers when paying for travel on all Mir cards, including ECP, have been valid for three months on buses. Since January, ground transport passengers have saved more than 84 million rubles on travel, using a discount. Now we are expanding the offer to electric transport — trams and trolleybuses of the Northern capital. Thus, it will be possible to travel cheaper in absolutely all public transport in St. Petersburg. The discount offer is valid until the end of the year — until December 31 inclusive," he explained Vladimir Komlev, General Director of the Mir payment system.

"Our city is the only region in Russia, where citizens throughout the year have benefits for travel in public transport on the cards "Mir" and ECP. Previously, these cards allowed you to save on subway trips. Thanks to the agreement with the Mir payment system, this year there is such an opportunity in land transport. For the first time, the price of travel on the national card and the ECP is lower than the cost of the "Plantain" — the most preferential travel ticket in St. Petersburg. We will continue to work to preserve the social orientation of the tariff policy," said Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg.