Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg released more than 30 thousand carp fry into the Ural River

Gazprom dobycha Orenburg (LLC) 27 September 2023 12:24

Orenburg gas producers released more than 30 thousand carp fry into the Ural River. The place for the environmental action was determined in consultation with specialists of the Volga-Kama Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

The fry were raised by order of gas producers at a fish-breeding enterprise and adapted to the conditions of the habitat. The process of artificial fish cultivation from the collection of fish eggs to the release of juveniles took several months.

"This is the first time we are holding such a mass action for the release of juvenile fish not within the framework of environmental legislation, but on the initiative of the employees themselves, which was supported by the general director of the enterprise Oleg Aleksandrovich Nikolaev. It is no coincidence that this particular kind of fish was chosen: when growing, the silver carp requires a special feeding regime, and later, in river water, it quickly adapts to natural conditions and helps to clean the reservoir from microalgae," said Tatyana Lebedyantseva, head of the environmental protection department of the enterprise.

The release of fry into the Ural River was carried out at the expense of the company's own funds within the framework of the program for the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources. The process was controlled by a commission approved by Rosrybolovstvo.

"Such actions are very important: without artificial stocking valuable species of fish — carp, carp, carp - in The Urals would have already ended," said Rustam Karimov, head of the Department of State Control, Supervision and Protection of Aquatic Biological Resources in the Orenburg Region of the Volga—Kama Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.


The main activities of Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg LLC are the extraction, preparation, transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials.

The main source of raw materials is the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field, which contains a unique composition of components: methane, ethane, propane, butanes, helium, mercaptans, etc. Thanks to this, at the Orenburg gas processing and helium plants of Gazprom Pererabotka LLC dozens of types of commercial products are produced.

Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg LLC is a subsidiary of Gazprom PJSC and Gazprom Pererabotka LLC.

The company consists of 10 separate structural divisions.

The team consists of 5.5 thousand people.