MTS is conducting a survey of significant ESG topics as part of the preparation of non-financial reporting

MTS PJSC 24 March 2023 13:23

The MTS digital ecosystem has started a survey of stakeholders' representatives as part of the preparation of the Group's Sustainable Development Report for 2022. In non-financial reporting, the company describes how its digital services contribute to the preservation of sustainability and the development of economic, social and environmental spheres of society. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes, the survey is anonymous and does not require registration.

MTS is guided by the principles of open dialogue, therefore, before compiling a non-financial report, it asks representatives of interested parties, including retail consumers, corporate clients, partners and employees, to share their opinions on the impact (impact/contribution) of the ecosystem on the ecology and socio-economic agenda.

The survey will allow MTS to understand which issues of sustainable development are most interesting to each audience ― the company will cover priority topics in more detail in the upcoming ecosystem report. The company's questionnaire is built in accordance with the international non-financial reporting standards GRI[1].

Every year MTS pays more and more attention to the topics of sustainable development and the ESG agenda. Among the company's priorities in this area is to improve the quality of life through the provision of digital services, including telecom, fintech, and media services, as well as IT solutions in the field of cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, unified communications monitoring, data processing and cloud computing. It is in the Group's Sustainability Report that MTS talks about its contribution to the sustainability of society and the development of the territories of its presence, and strives to provide comprehensive and objective information about the company, its safety and ethics of business processes and ESG programs, as well as about the values shared by the digital ecosystem team.

A survey of interested parties on significant topics can be completed by following the link.

You can view Reports on the sustainable development of MTS for previous periods on the company's website.

[1] International standards have been developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).