The EAEU countries have defined a strategy for digital transformation in mining and metallurgy

ECE 30 November 2021 19:22 The future development of the mining and metallurgical industries in the Eurasian Economic Union is focused on the use of digital technologies, increasing productivity and optimizing enterprise portfolios. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission Georgy Arzumanyan at the IV International Forum "Digital Transformation in Mining, Metallurgy, Energy and Oil and Gas Industry – 2021".

"The introduction of digital technologies is directly related to the reduction of production costs and contributes to the competitiveness of Eurasian enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets. In this regard, the digital agenda in industry is now a priority for the EEC," said Georgy Arzumanyan.

Today, several integration digital projects are being implemented in the Eurasian space. These are the Eurasian Network of Industrial Cooperation, Subcontracting and Technology transfer, the unified search system "Work without Borders", the ecosystem of digital transport corridors of the EAEU, digital technical regulation within the Union. The Eurasian Register of Promising Technologies in Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metallurgy is also being maintained.

"The use of integration scientific potential and promising technologies by manufacturers of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, an active exchange of experience on professional platforms in the field of digital transformation and the introduction of new technologies will contribute to an accelerated transition to digitalization in the mining and metallurgical industries, as well as increase the competitiveness of Eurasian enterprises in domestic and foreign markets," the Deputy Director of the EEC Department stressed.
The forum participants, representatives of the EEC industrial bloc, relevant departments and industrial enterprises of the Union, discussed topical issues of forcing the transition of the economy to digital rails. Topics such as the digital master plan of an industrial enterprise, cybersecurity in cloud computing, digital plant, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in supply chain management, development of electronic document management systems, etc. are considered.


According to experts, the leaders in terms of the pace of introduction of digital technologies in Russia and in the EAEU as a whole are banks, retail and telecommunications companies. At the end of the list are metallurgical companies and mining enterprises, pharmaceutical manufacturers and machine builders.

However, the metallurgical and mining industry is trying to reduce this gap with the help of "figures", achieving significant results. According to the results of the study, some companies with the help of digital technologies have managed to achieve significant progress – increase production volumes by 10-20%, increase the productivity of supply services by 50%, reduce emissions by 15-30%.