Volunteers of the "Water of Russia" in the Kherson region cleaned the coast of the Sea of Azov

Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia 25 September 2023 12:06

About a hundred volunteers came to the shore of the Sea of Azov in the Kherson region to participate in the action "Water of Russia". It took place in the Genichesky district, it was possible to clear 1.6 kilometers of the shoreline of the beach.

In May, volunteers of the Luhansk People's Republic began to actively participate in the action "Water of Russia". And in early June, on the eve of the Ecologist's Day, another major event was held in the Donetsk People's Republic on the shore of the Taganrog Bay. Several large-scale subbotniks took place this season in the Zaporozhye region, where more than eight kilometers of the coastline of the Sea of Azov were put in order.

Since the beginning of summer, several garbage collection campaigns have been held in the Kherson region from the shores of the Black and Azov Seas. From June to mid-September, a total of about 4.6 kilometers were cleared.

The All-Russian campaign to clean up garbage from the shores of water bodies "Water of Russia" ("Coast of Good Deeds") has been held by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia with the support of Rosvodresursov since 2014. Today, "Water of Russia" is one of the largest volunteer environmental projects in the country, which has already united more than 8.2 million people. The geography of the promotion includes all regions of the country. Only by the end of August of the jubilee season of 2023, more than a million volunteers joined the action, who cleaned 27.6 thousand kilometers of river and lake shores – this is more than a quarter of the length of the equator. Anyone can join the campaign as a volunteer. You can also organize your own event, having received comprehensive support.