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RPC UWC, Wabtec Corporation sign contract

During the 5th Expo 1520 International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies, RPC United Wagon Company (UWC, Russia) and Wabtec Corporation (USA), a global supplier of high-tech products for the rail industry, signed a 10-year supply agreement for export of freight car castings, the press service of RPC UWC informed.

Under the agreement, beginning from 2016, UWC will supply to the US market car sets (side frame and bolster castings) for manufacturing of Barber S2HD bogie (the main type of bogie used in America, with an axle load of 30 tf).

Wabtec Corp will give the design documentation and manufacturing license to the Russian party. Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (part of UWC holding) will start manufacturing bogie cast components.

The industrial cooperation with the Russian partner will help Wabtec Corp to diversify freight car castings suppliers, while UWC will be able to increase its sale channels and to secure additional orders for its foundry plant at the Tikhvin industrial site (Leningrad region).

UWC's freight car casting will comply with the standards of the International Association of American Railroads (AAR). To that end, car castings specimens will be sent to USA for a full range of statistic and dynamic testing, and AAR will provide an audit of the production site in Tikhvin so as to certify the competitive power and high quality of Russian railcars in the global market.

The aim of the agreement is also to extend cooperation as part of the joint venture for manufacturing high-tech components for rolling stock (including heavy-train traffic), the facilities of which are located in Tikhvin industrial site (Leningrad region).

Therefore, for the first time ever in Russia's transport machine building sector, goods of domestic manufacture will be operated on a mass basis in the highly competitive market of the USA, one of the leaders in the railway industry, the statement points out.

Wabtec Corporation established as Westinghouse Air Brake in 1869 is currently a global supplier of hi-tech products and comprehensive solutions for the railway industry and other industrial sectors. The corporation produces a wide range of products for locomotives, freight and passenger cars, subway cars, including after-sales services.

PJSC Research and production corporation United Wagon Company (RPC UWC, tax number: 7705972791) established 2012 is an integrated railway holding specializing in the manufacture, transport services, operating leasing, engineering and maintenance of new generation freight cars.

In 2014, the company produced 9,600 innovative railcars, which made it one of Russia's largest innovative railcar manufacturers. As of July 15, 2015, RPC UWC's fleet under management exceeded 24,000 railcars.

RPC UWC has the most advanced production facilities in the industry. JSC Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant located in Tikhvin in Russia's Leningrad region is the company's production center with an annual production capacity of 16,000 innovative railcars (to increase to 22,000 by 2016) and 30,000 car-sets. Other parts of the UWC rail holding include LLC NPC Springs supplying the company's demand for heavy-duty rail springs used for innovative bogies and its own engineering center. RPC UWC also has a network of over 40 service centres across Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

IFRS net loss of PJSC RPC United Wagon Company (RPC UWC) for H1 2015 increased 2.66 times to RUB 5.144 billion from RUB 1.935 billion for the same period in 2014. Revenue grew 8 times to RUB 17.028 billion from RUB 2.129 billion, operating profit 2.32 times to RUB 330.131 million from RUB 142.226 million, loss before tax 2.31 times to RUB 5.295 billion from RUB 2.29 billion.

According to AK&M Information Agency's DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of RPC UWC for H1 2015 increased 2.95 times to RUB 34.245 million from RUB 11.616 million in H1 2014. Revenue grew 2.77 times to RUB 792.308 million from RUB 285.847 million, sales profit 13.22 times to RUB 181.649 million from RUB 13.74 million, pre-tax profit 2.91 times to RUB 45.059 million from RUB 15.484 million.

"AK&M", 04.09.2015


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