Информационное агентство AK&M выпускает бюллетень «Отрасли российской экономики: производство, финансы, ценные бумаги». Каждую неделю выходит очередной выпуск бюллетеня, посвященный исследованию текущего экономического состояния одной из пяти отраслей российской экономики: нефтегазодобыча и нефтепереработка, машиностроение, электроэнергетика, связь, черная и цветная металлургия. КУПИТЬ ВЫПУСК
17 September 2020 20:02

Mechanical engineering in Russia in decline in January-July 2020

In January-July 2020, the mechanical engineering industry was in decline, with total production in the five mechanical engineering sub-sectors in July being 2.8% below the July 2019 result.
11 September 2020 11:08

Power generation in Russia for the first eight months of 2020 decreased by 3.4%

Total electricity generation in Russia for the first 8 months of 2020 decreased by 3.4% year-on-year to 691.1 billion kWh.
09 September 2020 11:13

Oil recovery almost out of steam in August

Oil prices will try to settle above $46 per barrel for Brent, according to AK&M Information Agency's "RUSSIAN INDUSTRIES: PRODUCTION, FINANCE, SECURITIES. Oil and gas production, oil refining" monthly paper (No. 1388).
27 August 2020 23:39

Paid communications services to population decreased in Russia

The volume of paid communications services to the population has decreased, according to the latest issue (No. 1387) of AK&M Information Agency's "RUSSIAN INDUSTRIES: PRODUCTION, FINANCE, SECURITIES. Telecommunications"
24 August 2020 23:53

Global steel production declined again in June

The total output of steel reached 148.295 million tonnes, which is 7% below the June 2019 result
14 August 2020 11:25

AK&M Social Efficiency Ranking: Majors opt for environmental transparency

From just over 30 companies in 2019, their number has almost doubled to-date.
14 August 2020 11:24

AK&M Rating Agency notes higher negative environmental impacts from majors

In 2019, the negative environmental impact produced by companies generally increased.