Информационное агентство AK&M выпускает бюллетень «Отрасли российской экономики: производство, финансы, ценные бумаги». Каждую неделю выходит очередной выпуск бюллетеня, посвященный исследованию текущего экономического состояния одной из пяти отраслей российской экономики: нефтегазодобыча и нефтепереработка, машиностроение, электроэнергетика, связь, черная и цветная металлургия. КУПИТЬ ВЫПУСК
13 May 2021 23:19

AK&M notes market segments leading in M&A transactions in 1Q21

In January-March 2020, the information technology sector (IT)  ranked first in M&A transactions in Russia with 13 transactions for a total amount of $2.77 billion.
13 May 2021 23:18

M&A activity resulting in deals valued at $1mn or more grew notably in 1Q21

In January-March 2021, the Russian M&A market with deals valued at $1 million or more increased notably against the 3-month period in 2020.
07 May 2021 14:32

Global steel production reached record highs again in March 2021

In March 2021, global steel production increased to new record highs. A total of 169.2 million tonnes of steel were produced.
04 May 2021 23:46

Production in Russian machine-building industry was higher YoY for five months on end in March 2021

The observed growth holds steady, its pace being above what could be seen as a simple rebound.
20 April 2021 23:49

Oil market saw price correction after four months of continuous growth in March

Oil prices floated roughly in the same range over the past few weeks as investors try to assess the impact of the growing number of coronavirus cases on demand recovery prospects.