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Daniil Karimov, Otkritie Bank
15 October 2021 15:49

The agreement with India on the supply of coking coal will provide Russia with up to $7 billion in annual export revenue

The Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Ministry of Steel Industry of India signed a memorandum on increasing the supply of coking coal to 40 million tons per year.
Arseniy Dadashev, AUFI
15 October 2021 13:20

Oil does not get tired of conquering new peaks

Oil strengthened to the $84.50 per barrel zone on Thursday, partially retreating to the close of trading. Having managed to stay above the $84 level, the quotes continue to climb during today's trading, moving three-year highs to $84.90. Thus, prices are now a step away from the $85 level.
Alexander Polygalov, oTkritie Bank.
14 October 2021 12:52

The transition of Russian Railways to new tariffs may further increase inflation

In mid-September, the management of Russian Railways again raised the topic of revising the principles of indexing the infrastructure and locomotive component of the cost of rail transportation (the Russian Railways tariff).
Arseniy Dadashev, AUFI
13 October 2021 14:26

Oil rally is stalling

On Tuesday, oil traded steadily, seeding slightly below the three-year highs reached around $84.60 per barrel. At the end of the day, Brent fell slightly, but remained above the $83 level.
Mikhail Shulgin, "Discovery Research"
11 October 2021 16:57

The ruble continues to benefit from rising oil prices

The ruble remains the strongest currency in the Emerging Markets segment. The potential for strengthening the ruble significantly reduces the budget rule.
Mikhail Vasiliev, Otkritie Bank
11 October 2021 16:36

Demand for risk has recovered in global markets

On world markets, demand for risk has recovered, investors prefer to buy drawdowns in the US stock market in the conditions of ultra-soft Federal Reserve PREP
Anna Morina, Otkritie Bank.
11 October 2021 14:57

The fragile balance of the oil market at elevated prices

The decision of the OPEC+ ministerial committee on October 4 not to increase oil production in October-November beyond the previously planned increase led the price of Brent crude oil to the zone of $81-$83 per barrel, as expected in this scenario.