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Elena Kozhukhova, IC "VELES Capital"
29 September 2023 11:04

At the end of the week, risk appetite returned to the markets

The ruble is weakening on the Moscow Exchange this morning
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
29 September 2023 10:51

Falling oil increases the desire to lock in profits on stocks

We are waiting for oil to leave in the area of $100
Bogdan Zvarich, <url>
28 September 2023 10:53

The Moscow Stock Exchange index will test the mark of 3075 points again

Today, at the start of trading, we expect the predominance of purchases in Russian stocks to continue.
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
28 September 2023 10:46

Rising oil prices and a weak ruble will not support stocks much

Today, the external background before the opening of trading is positive.
Elena Kozhukhova, IC "VELES Capital"
27 September 2023 11:46

The focus may be on the updated strategy of the Moscow Exchange

At the beginning of the trading day, the Russian stock market may try to develop a recovery.
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
27 September 2023 11:37

The next "attack" of the "bears" on 3000 may be successful

The ruble remains stable so far.
Bogdan Zvarich, <url>
26 September 2023 12:54

The technical picture speaks in favor of continuing the correction in our market

Today, at the start of trading, we expect a moderate predominance of sales in Russian stocks