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Bogdan Zvarich, <url>
24 March 2023 11:23

The ruble will try to continue the wave of strengthening

Today, the corrective dynamics in our stocks may continue
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
24 March 2023 11:14

The ruble has a good chance of growth

We are not expecting any fundamental changes in the stock market today.
Mikhail Vasiliev, Sovcombank
23 March 2023 19:48

The US Central Bank is expected to raise the key dollar rate

The Fed confirmed its plan to reduce assets on the balance sheet by $95 billion per month.
Bogdan Zvarich, <url>
23 March 2023 11:12

The dollar may retreat below 76.5 rubles

Today, during the session, the Moscow Stock Exchange index may go into a corrective decline
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
23 March 2023 10:56

Gold miners and the oil industry can be better than the market

The ruble will be supported by the approach of the peak of the tax period
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
22 March 2023 11:12

Any negative can be used for correction

There are no reasons for the continued growth and departure of the Moscow Exchange Index above 2400 points yet.
Bogdan Zvarich, <url>
21 March 2023 11:41

The ruble may move to recovery

Russian stocks may continue their upward trend this morning