14 May 2021 13:38

Moscow Railway increased passenger traffic more than 3.7 times in April

In April 2021, passenger turnover reached 2.2 billion passenger kilometers, which is more than 3.5 times above the April 2020 level.
07 May 2021 17:57

Head of Crimea: water supply situation stabilized

The problem of supplying the capital of Crimea with water around the clock will be solved after the Beshterek-Zuysky water intake facility is launched on a full scale.
07 May 2021 10:24

3.5mn sqm of real estate commissioned in January-April

14 social infrastructure facilities were also built and commissioned.
23 April 2021 23:47

Crumb rubber from tyres produced at EVRAZ companies to be used for children's playgrounds

According to own data, EVRAZ spends about RUB 5,000 per tonne of tyres on average on recycling.
23 April 2021 18:18

Vladimir Putin instructs to additionally open 45K state-financed openings at universities in 2 years

Starting this year, at least 100 universities in the constituent entities of Russia will receive grants in the amount of at least 100 million rubles opening student tech parks and business incubators etc.
20 April 2021 18:16

Raspadskaya Coal Company implementing environmental program for methane utilization

The first utilization plants have already been put into operation at the Alardinskaya mine, with similar equipment to be launched at the Yerunakovskaya-VIII mine in June.
19 April 2021 22:15

Government of Russia to invest RUB 210.5 million in digitalization of public healthcare services

The Government of Russia will allocate RUB 210.5 million from the reserve fund for the development of the Single State Health Information System.