28 January 2022 17:21

ICD has published a code of conduct for contractors and implements ESG principles at the design and procurement stage

Within the framework of the ICD ESG strategy, the level of impact on the environmental and social environment will be determined for 100% of selected suppliers and contractors with significant environmental and social aspects by the end of 2023.
28 January 2022 16:15

Uralchem has signed social partnership agreements with the districts of the Kirov region

Uralchem has been providing support to the districts within the framework of the social partnership since 2011.
28 January 2022 11:31

Russian Post will invest more than 4 billion rubles in raising salaries

In January 2022, the Post raised the minimum salaries. The change affected 136 thousand people, of which more than 65% are postmen, operators and sorters.
27 January 2022 13:27

Severstal has joined the WEF initiative to develop unified ESG reporting metrics

The companies that supported the WEF initiative undertake to promote further convergence of existing standards to develop a unified international approach to non-financial reporting on common ESG indicators.
26 January 2022 18:00

SIBUR joined the founders of the national ESG Alliance

SIBUR took part in the first official meeting of the founders of the National ESG Alliance
26 January 2022 17:31

Participants of the financial market invested 152 billion rubles in ESG bonds

In total, at the end of the year, financial market participants held securities in their accounts in the amount of 175.4 billion rubles.
26 January 2022 15:45

In the area of pollution detection in the Black Sea, NCSP does not carry out oil and petroleum products transshipment activities

In the area of the Wide Pier No. 2, berths No. 7, No. 8, in the parking area of the vessel for loading "Uai Em Fuji" in the waters of the Black Sea of the NCSP on January 13, 2022, a spot of petroleum products of unknown origin was discovered.