17 July 2024 12:23

More than 500 thousand recyclables were sent for processing by RT-Invest in 5 years

The total volume includes 62 thousand tons of waste paper, 105 thousand tons of glass, 60 thousand tons of metal, 186 thousand tons of plastic and other secondary resources that were selected at waste recycling complexes
16 July 2024 10:55

The ALROSA Environmental Center, together with the Chernyshevsky Fish Hatchery, released 100,000 pieces of juvenile chira into the Vilyui River

The release of chira into the Vilyui reservoir is the second stage of the annual stocking campaign, the first was the release of 4 million pieces of pelage larvae in June
Segezha Group
15 July 2024 19:02

Segezha Group creates opportunities for the development of the regions of its presence

As part of the Segezha Group's sustainable development strategy (MOEX: SGZH), the company is implementing the "Comfortable Life in Forest Regions" program

15 July 2024 16:55

Almost 1,200 territories have been landscaped in Russia in six months

The new May presidential decree sets a task to improve at least 30 thousand public territories by 2030.
15 July 2024 14:19

Russia will propose a model for creating a single market for BRICS carbon units with common standards and mutual recognition

The target model of the unified climate policy of the BRICS countries was proposed by the experts of the Archipelago 2024