AK&M Rating Agency has prepared a methodology for determining the rating of environmental and socio-economic reporting of financial organizations

AK&M 19 October 2022 16:48

On October 17, 2022, the Methodological Committee of the AK&M Rating Agency approved the Methodology for Rating Environmental and Socio-Economic Reporting of Financial Organizations (Reporting in the field of sustainable development).

The methodology is based on the same principle as the methodology of the reporting rating in the field of sustainable development of manufacturing companies. A system of markers for the presence or absence of data is used for evaluation. The agency uses 88 markers to evaluate financial organizations' financial statements.

The purpose of the rating is to show the best practices, to focus banks and financial organizations on improving the quality of customer service, improving the working conditions of employees, expanding charitable activities and environmental protection activities.

The rating determines how honest organizations are to society and are ready to disclose data and facts about the relationship with society and staff, compliance with generally accepted rules and requirements for reporting in the field of sustainable development. The basis of the assessment is the very fact of the availability of information, data and statements.

You can get acquainted with the methodology on the website of the AK&M Rating Agency.