AK&M Rating Agency presents the first rating of corporate charitable foundations

AK&M 06 December 2022 11:11

AK&M Rating Agency presents the first rating of corporate charitable foundations.

The purpose of the rating is to show the largest charitable foundations established by Russian companies.

The rating included only corporate funds, that is, those that were established and controlled by companies. The selection was carried out according to the amount of money allocated to charity targeted events. The data were taken from reports on the expenditure of targeted funds for 2021. The rating includes funds that have sent more than 200 million rubles in total to charity events over the past two years.

The ranking was carried out according to the indicator - Expenses for targeted activities. To assess the stability of the funds, the dynamics of this value over two years is given. It is important for the public to understand the cost of maintaining the fund, so we have supplemented the final table with data on the share of target expenditures in the total expenses of the fund.

In general, in 2021, corporate funds allocated 26.2 billion rubles to charity, showing an increase of 3% over the year.

The leader of the rating is the Tatneft Charitable Foundation. In 2021, the fund allocated almost 3.7 billion rubles for targeted activities. The Foundation sponsors a variety of projects. His portfolio includes support for veteran oil workers, gifted children, and considerable attention is paid to the development of the cultural life of Tatarstan.

The second place in the rating was taken by the Pochet Charitable Foundation, which allocated 3.6 billion rubles to charitable programs in 2021. Its activities are focused on supporting veterans of Russian Railways, projects and initiatives of the fund are carried out in the interests of retired railway workers.

The third place belongs to the Rusal Center for Social Programs Foundation. The Fund spent 2.7 billion rubles helping to implement regional infrastructure projects, supporting volunteer movements, and contributing to the development of social entrepreneurship.

The absolute majority of corporate funds spend less than 10% on the maintenance of funds. The most expensive funds, whose expenses exceed 15% of the funds used, are the charitable foundations Vvklad into the Future (founder Sberbank), Sistema (AFK Sistema) and the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation (SUEK, MHC Eurochem).