Bank DOM.RF will finance the second project of integrated development of the territory of the GC "Country Development" in Tyumen

AK&M 26 May 2023 16:14

Bank DOM.RF provided a specialized developer with "Country.Melnikaite" project financing in the amount of 13 billion rubles. for the construction of a comfort-class residential complex for 2,700 families in Tyumen. This is stated in the bank's message.

With the funds received within the framework of the integrated territory development Mechanism (CRT), the investor, in addition to housing with a total area of 215 thousand square meters, will build 2 kindergartens, as well as reconstruct social, transport and engineering infrastructure facilities. Commissioning of the first stage of the residential complex is scheduled for the third quarter of 2026.

During the implementation of the project, the CRT mechanism will be applied, which will allow the renovation of more than 8 hectares of territory. As a result, modern housing will appear in place of outdated and dilapidated urban development and a comfortable urban environment of new quality will be created. This is the second joint project of the bank and Strana Development Group, where the tool is used.

The residential complex will be located in an area with developed infrastructure: 5 schools, 3 kindergartens, 2 shopping malls and commercial facilities. There is a bus stop 100 m away, and Dambovskaya Street passes nearby, along which you can reach the central square of the capital of the Tyumen region in 10 minutes.

According to the portal our.dom.rf on May 26, 2023, about 3.04 million square meters are being built in the Tyumen region. They say that more than 99% of them are using escrow accounts.

JSC "Bank DOM.RF" (until December 13, 2018, JSCB "Russian Capital") - provides financing for housing construction projects using escrow accounts in all subjects of the Russian Federation. The sole shareholder of JSC "Bank DOM.RF" is JSC "DOM.RF".