China's Weichai will not supply engines to KAMAZ

AK&M 02 September 2022 14:51

The Chinese corporation Weichai refused to supply engines to KAMAZ. This is reported by Izvestia

Weichai engines were installed on K4 generation tractors running on gas-engine fuel (liquefied or compressed natural gas). In particular, for a modern LNG-powered gas tractor 5490, the production of which was launched in February 2020. Also, methane dump trucks were equipped with Chinese motors; these engines also went to NEFAZ buses running on methane (the company is part of the KAMAZ perimeter).

PJSC KAMAZ (TIN 1650032058) is the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation, a manufacturer of trucks and passenger vehicles. The KAMAZ group of companies includes large specialized divisions for the development, production, assembly of automotive equipment and automotive components, as well as the sale of finished products. The main shareholders are Rostec Group, Avtoinvest Limited, Daimler, KAMAZ International Management, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Decodelement Services Limited.