In Russia last year, the record for the level of non-cash payments was updated

AK&M 24 January 2022 13:04

In the Russian Federation, the share of non-cash spending transactions in 2021 amounted to 59.3%, in the fourth quarter - 60%. Last year, the record for the level of penetration of non-cash payments was updated, according to the message of Sberindex.

According to analysts' forecasts, in five years the share of non-cash payments may reach 85% of card transactions. The remaining 15% will fall on forced cash withdrawals by people who generally prefer non-cash payments.

Online sales, according to the OFD Platform, are actively being mastered by food retail, which also ensures the growth of non-cash expenses in this sector, especially in large and chain stores.

Fast food, cafes and restaurants follow the consumer in e-com, developing online commerce, providing fast delivery of their meals and, of course, providing convenience of payment by non-cash methods. The exception to the general trend is still the segments "Construction and household goods" and "Electronics".