Mechel carries out sweeping repairs of washing plants

AK&M 21 September 2020 11:21

Mechel PAO is implementing a sweeping campaign of major repairs is being implemented at its mining division's washing plants. The total cost is over RUB 1 billion, the company informed.

The most large-scale repairs in terms of the scope of works are being held at Neryungrinskaya Washing Plant, which is part of Yakutugol Holding Company. The main stage of repair works has been completed in September. As part of the repair campaign, the plant replaced and restored trunk conveyors, as well as conveyors at the finished product loading area. Yakutugol's specialists and contractors assembled three new sizing screens and overhauled nine more. The plant also launched three new centrifuges for removing surplus moisture from coal concentrates. The plant's sludge pumps are being renewed. Five new magnetic roughers are due to be acquired before the end of the year. The plant also plans to repair two drying machines, one of which has been finished in September and the second is due to launch in October.

Southern Kuzbass Coal Company's Krasnogorskaya Washing Plant acquired seven new vibrating and high-frequency screens, 14 pumps, and one magnetic rougher. Two magnetic roughers and five belt conveyors underwent major overhauls. By the end of 2020, the plant plans to replace two vibrating centrifuges, three screens and other equipment.

Southern Kuzbass Coal Company's Sibir Washing Plant installed several new machines and equipment, including a vibrating centrifuge and a pumping outfit.

Yet another Southern Kuzbass Coal Company's washing plant, Kuzbasskaya, replaced two rotors of a screen bowl centrifuge and a separator's basket wheel. A large-scale campaign of replacing conveyor belts on the plant's major routes is currently under way. By the end of the year, the plant intends to upgrade its pumping equipment and repair the jig washer.

Another Kuzbass washing plant, Tomusinskaya, replaced two coal pumps, a centrifugal dryer, and a turboblower. Also, the continuous handling system's equipment has been repaired. By the end of this year, yet another centrifuge, two conveying belt feeders and other equipment will be replaced.

Korshunov Mining Plant's washing plant launched the following equipment this year — an unbalanced throw screen for screening iron ore and two electric pumps to ensure uninterrupted work of exhaust ducts and a fire water line. The plant is due to acquire four magnetic roughers and 12 hydrocyclones for its washing operations.

Mechel PAO (tax number: 7703370008) is one of the leading Russian companies. The company's profile covers 4 business segments: mining, metallurgical, ferroalloy industry and power engineering. The company unites manufacturers of coal, iron-ore concentrate, nickel, steel, rolled products, high-added value products, thermal and electric energy. Mechel's goods are sold in Russia and worldwide.

IFRS profit of Mechel PAO for 2019 attributable to the company's shareholders dropped by 81% to RUB 2.409 billion from RUB 12.628 billion a year earlier. Revenue decreased by 5% to RUB 296.567 billion from RUB 312.574 billion, EBITDA decreased by 29% to RUB 53.428 billion from RUB 75.667 billion.

Mechel's IFRS loss for Q1 2020 was RUB 36.878 billion against a profit of RUB 11.336 billion a year earlier. Revenue decreased by 9% to RUB 68.332 billion from RUB 74.856 billion, EBITDA by 17% to RUB 12.69 billion from RUB 15.322 billion.