Prices of manufacturers of manufactured goods in September decreased by 1%

AK&M 20 October 2021 20:00

Prices of manufacturers of industrial goods in September compared to August 2021 decreased by 1%, compared to December 2020 - increased by 23.6%, Rosstat reported.

In September, compared with August, prices for natural graphite decreased by 19.3%, iron ore concentrate – by 16.6%, natural diamonds (except technical ones) – by 16.5%, iron ore pellets (oxidized) – by 16%, amber – by 14.4%, blast furnace iron ore agglomerate – by 13.6%. At the same time, prices for enriched coal and anthracite increased by 13.6%, nickel concentrates – by 11.2%, apatite concentrates – by 10.1%.

In manufacturing industries, a decrease in prices was noted in metallurgy: for sheet metal
of non-alloy steels with a width of at least 600 mm, clad, electroplated or otherwise coated - by 23.2%, other alloy steel in ingots or in other primary forms and semi-finished products from other alloy steel - by 12.4%, hot-rolled steel sheet, without additional processing - by 10.3%. At the same time, prices for hollow cast iron pipes and profiles have become higher – by 19.4%, broad gauge railway rails - by 19.2%, chrome and products made from it, chromium-based alloys, powders - by 13%.

Prices for the following types of petroleum products decreased: industrial oils - by 8.1%, bitumen oil construction and roofing - by 7.4% and 5.3%, respectively.