Rosneft invested 530 million rubles in environmental protection measures of its mining projects in the Irkutsk region

AK&M 17 August 2022 10:30

In the first half of 2022, Rosneft invested more than 530 million rubles in environmental protection measures of its mining projects in the Irkutsk region. The funds were allocated for the implementation of the gas program, waste recycling, improving the reliability of pipelines, environmental monitoring and the purchase of appropriate equipment. This is stated in the company's message.

Rosneft at the Verkhnechonskoye field has implemented a unique project for the rational use of associated petroleum gas (APG) in the conditions of the field's autonomy. The gas is pumped into the underground horizon for accumulation and subsequent useful use. Within the framework of the project, in the first half of the year, investments were directed to the construction of gas injection wells for pumping gas into an underground gas storage facility.

At the Severo-Danilovsky oil and gas condensate field, the Company is building a gas pipeline and a power plant, the fuel for which is APG. The funds were also used to conduct continuous environmental monitoring at exploration and exploratory wells.

For the Verkhnechonskoye deposit, equipment for crushing plastic waste for subsequent recycling of plastic was purchased. 

According to the target program for improving the reliability of pipelines to determine their technical condition, a large amount of technical diagnostics was performed, including ultrasonic thickness measurement, magnetic powder and measuring control, as well as checking the corrosion aggressiveness of soils and the presence of stray currents and deformations. Pipelines at the Verkhnechonskoye field are equipped with nodes for receiving and launching diagnostic projectiles. The total length of the pipeline system of the Verkhnechonskoye field exceeds 950 km.

Rosneft in the Katanga district of the Irkutsk region is developing the Verkhnechonskoye oil and gas condensate field, one of the largest in Eastern Siberia.

The company has created the Danilovsky cluster of deposits in the north of the region. The Severo-Danilovskoye oil and gas condensate field has become a priority and a base for the subsequent involvement of satellite fields - Yuzhno-Danilovsky, Zapadno-Danilovsky, Verkhneichersky and Lisovsky.

A significant synergetic effect in their development has been achieved through the joint use of the infrastructure for the preparation and transportation of oil using the existing capacities of the Verkhnechonskoye field.

Rosneft (TIN 7706107510) is the leader of the Russian oil industry and one of the largest public oil and gas companies in the world. The main activities of PJSC NK Rosneft are the search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, the production of oil, gas, gas condensate, the implementation of projects for the development of offshore fields, the processing of extracted raw materials, the sale of oil, gas and products of their processing on the territory of Russia and abroad.

The company is included in the list of strategic enterprises of Russia. Its main shareholder (40.4% of the shares) is JSC Rosneftegaz, 100% owned by the state, 19.75% of the shares belong to BP, 18.93% of the shares belong to QH Oil Investments LLC, one share belongs to the state represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

Net profit attributable to Rosneft shareholders under IFRS for the first half of 2021 amounted to 382 billion rubles against a loss of 113 billion rubles a year earlier. Sales revenue and income from associated organizations and joint ventures increased by 39.6% to 3.9 trillion rubles from 2.8 trillion rubles. EBITDA amounted to more than 1 trillion rubles against 479 billion rubles.