SIBUR has issued 400 thousand carbon units in the Russian register

AK&M 17 July 2024 13:26

SIBUR has verified the results of the climate project implemented at the SIBUR-Kstovo enterprise. About 400 thousand carbon units are registered in the Russian register, equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduction as a result of the implementation of a climate project in production over four years. To date, SIBUR has more than 3.3 million carbon units in its assets. This is stated in the company's message.

As part of the climate project at SIBUR-Kstovo, software was introduced and new gas analyzer sensors were installed in the production of pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials, which made it possible to optimize the technological process, reduce the use of steam and fuel gas necessary for its production.

SIBUR is an oil and gas chemical company in Russia. Over the past 15 years, SIBUR has invested more than 1.5 trillion rubles in the development of the domestic petrochemical industry, the creation of new and modernization of existing production facilities.

The net profit of PJSC SIBUR Holding according to RAS for 2023 fell by 51%, to 90.7 billion rubles, from 185.8 billion rubles a year earlier. Profit before tax fell by 47.8%, to RUB 120.09 billion, from RUB 230.36 billion. Revenue increased by 10.4%, to 1.03 trillion rubles, from 934.5 billion rubles. Gross profit amounted to 333.38 billion rubles against 312 billion rubles.