St. Petersburg Stock Exchange resumes trading in foreign securities

AK&M 10 August 2022 11:16

St. Petersburg Stock Exchange from today, August 10, 2022, resumes the main trading session for the group of instruments "foreign securities". Investors and bidders will be able to conclude exchange transactions with securities of 200 international companies from 10:00 MSK. This is stated in the message of the exchange.

Exchange trading of the remaining securities included in the group of instruments "foreign securities", listed in the United States and available for transactions (more than 1.7 thousand shares and depositary receipts), will begin at 15:30 MSK.

The standard additional (international) liquidity period, according to the trading schedule, is available from 14:30 MSK to 01:45 MSK of the next calendar day. During this period, bidders receive a service for executing transactions at the best prices between the prices of the Russian market of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange and the world's leading platforms.

The trading time of securities from the group of instruments "foreign securities" with a listing in Hong Kong remains unchanged. Exchange trades are held from 08:00 MSK to 18:00 MSK.