The 1515th AK&M Bulletin on Mechanical Engineering was published

AK&M 27 March 2023 13:04

The 1515th issue of the bulletin "Branches of the Russian economy: production, finance, securities. Mechanical Engineering" of the AK&M News Agency.

In January 2023, the Russian engineering industry experienced a decline for the eleventh month in a row. the total production in the five machine-building industries was 8.2% lower than in January 2022. In general, according to Rosstat, in the first month of 2023, the total turnover of enterprises in all sectors of mechanical engineering significantly decreased by 5.6% compared to the same period in 2022, while growth was observed in four out of five sectors. A negative contribution to the dynamics of the indicator was made by the segment of motor transport production, which turned out to be twice lower than the value of January 2022. At the same time, the seasonally adjusted PMI index of Russia's manufacturing industries, which tracks the general market situation, rose significantly to 53.6 points in February 2023 from 52.6 points in January, demonstrating the sustainability of improvements in operating conditions in the entire manufacturing sector.

At the production site of AVTOVAZ in Togliatti, the production of LADA Vesta cars of a new generation has begun. In total, the car is localized by more than 4,500 points, which is far ahead of the vast majority of new passenger cars, the assembly of which was organized in Russia in the last year. More than 200 parts and assemblies are now manufactured in Russia, deliveries to AVTOVAZ are also carried out by new partners from friendly countries.

The value volume of exports of individual commodity groups of mechanical engineering products in 2022 exceeded $20.45 billion, while the volume of imports of mechanical engineering products was 5.3 times higher — $108.7 billion. The Federal Customs Service has partially resumed the publication of data on customs statistics of foreign trade. The reduction in the volume of exports of machine—building products in 2022 amounted to 20.6%, while the volume of imports decreased less - by 18.7%.

The holding company "Sinara — Transport Machines" (STM) has opened a new production — "Chelyabinsk Plant of Urban Electric Transport" (CHZGET). For eight months, the production of a full cycle for the production of urban electric transport — trolleybuses, and in the future electric buses - was organized at the site in Chelyabinsk. By the end of the year, the full-time number of employees of CHZGET will be up to 400 people, but in the future it will be increased to 700 employees. The total investment in the project amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. The production capacity of the plant is 350 units per year, and if there is demand for the plant's products, it is planned to expand the indicators to 1200 machines annually.

Prices for automotive products in Russia have generally stabilized. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. According to him, by the beginning of this year, new logistics routes had been established, the organizational and production process, supplies and production of components had stabilized. The situation with exchange rates has also become more predictable. This statement is generally confirmed by official statistics. Thus, Rosstat in January recorded an increase in producer prices in the automotive industry at the level of 0.5% compared to the previous month.

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