The net financial result of organizations in current prices in January-August increased 2.7 times

AK&M 27 October 2021 20:00

The net financial result (profit minus loss) of organizations (excluding small businesses, credit organizations, state (municipal) institutions, non-credit financial organizations) in current prices in January-August 2021 increased 2.7 times to 16.9 trillion rubles. compared to a year earlier. This was reported by Rosstat.

The highest growth rates of the net financial result were formed in wholesale trade, except for wholesale trade in motor vehicles and motorcycles (St. Petersburg, Moscow) and in the activities of railway transport: freight transportation (Moscow, Moscow region).

Approximately 40.1 thousand organizations made a profit of 18.8 trillion rubles, which is 82% higher than the value of the corresponding period of the previous year; a loss of 15.4 thousand organizations in the amount of almost 1.9 trillion rubles, which is 52.3% lower than the value of January-August 2020.

The share of organizations that made a profit was 72.2% and exceeded the value of January-August 2020 (66.8%). At the same time, the most significant increase in the share of profitable organizations was noted in the activities of railway transport: intercity and international passenger transportation; coal mining, hotels and catering enterprises, oil and natural gas production.

A high share of profitable organizations and a significant increase in the volume of the net financial result is observed in the Republic of Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Belgorod and Kursk regions.