The Second All-Russian Conference "NON-FINANCIAL REPORTING" will be held in Moscow on November 25

AK&M 15 September 2022 13:57

The Second All-Russian Conference "NON-FINANCIAL REPORTING" will be held in Moscow on November 25. A distinctive feature of this event is the consideration of purely practical issues of implementing standards and preparing reports on sustainable development.

More and more companies have embarked on the path of openness in this area, publish detailed information about their efforts to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for staff, about caring for people and regions of presence, about their contribution to environmental protection. So far, there are few such companies – several dozen. But more and more organizations and their owners are thinking not only about making a profit, but also about their mission in the development of society and the country, formulate their goals, build a management and reporting system in the field of sustainable development.

The plenary discussion of the conference will be devoted to the topic "Formation of a rational and reliable system of non-financial reporting in Russia". Economic efficiency from the introduction of responsible business management and rational environmental management should become a driving force in expanding the practice of implementing sustainable development approaches not only at the largest enterprises and companies, but also in medium and small businesses. At the same time, each subject of economic activity should be interested in providing reliable data and reliable non-financial reporting. Only under such conditions, the practice of implementing sustainable development approaches will have value for both business and society.

The conference raises issues of reporting standards, data collection technology, and industry-specific information presentation. Attention is paid to one of the most popular issues - obtaining reliable data using modern digital platforms and technical means. The participants of the discussions will share their experience in preparing reports, show what you especially need to pay attention to.

The conference will be attended by relevant government agencies, providers of non-financial reporting standards, development institutes, consulting and research companies, leading Russian enterprises and banks, IT platform developers, educational organizations, rating agencies and other verification companies.

The conference will be held in face-to-face and remote formats. Registration is open on the official website of the project - /