The volume of electric generation in Russia in January-July 2023 increased by 0.2%

AK&M 07 September 2023 11:20

The volume of electric generation in Russia in January-July 2023 increased by 0.2% compared to the indicator of the same period in 2022 and amounted to 677.0 billion. kWh. Production in July compared to July 2022 increased by 2.5% to 88.0 billion. kWh.

This is stated in issue No. 1539 of the monthly bulletin "Branches of the Russian economy: production, finance, securities. Electric Power Industry" dated September 06, 2023.

Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said that an explosive increase in energy consumption, especially in summer, and an increase in the accident rate of generating equipment have been recorded in the united energy system of the South of Russia since the beginning of the year. Absolute historical highs, according to him, are recorded in the Kuban and Rostov power systems. The preliminary forecast shows that consumption indicators and, accordingly, output will increase relative to last year, which confirms the need to build additional generating capacities and address issues to improve the reliability of the power grid complex.

In the first half of 2023, there was an increase in the share of solar energy in the European Union. Such data are provided in the report of the Ember analytical center. In particular, Germany added 6.5 GW (+10%) of new solar capacity; Poland added more than 2 GW (+17%); Belgium added at least 1.2 GW (+19%). Italy has installed 2.5 GW of solar generation, compared to 3 GW for the whole of 2022. France added at least 600 MW in the first quarter of 2023, which is slightly higher than the figure for the same period in 2022.

The average annual volume of electricity exports from Russia in 2024-2029 may amount to 10.5 billion. kWh. Such forecast values are contained in the draft Scheme and program for the development of electric power systems (SiPR) for 2024-2029, which the "System Operator" posted on its website. According to the breakdown by country, Russia plans to supply about 700 million kWh annually to Mongolia by 2030, 30 million kWh to Belarus, 1.7 billion kWh to Georgia. kWh, to South Ossetia — 161-175 million kWh, to Azerbaijan — 300 million kWh. Annual shipments to China are expected to reach 4.5 billion. kWh.

The enterprises of the Inter RAO Group have started the construction of the Novolenskaya TPP. The main fuel of the station will be natural gas. The power plant will become a source of energy supply for the Eastern Polygon, a key element of the future Eurasian transport system. In addition, the Novolenskaya TPP will ensure the active development of the mineral resource base of Yakutia. Novolenskaya TPP with an installed capacity of 550 MW will become one of the largest in the region. During its construction, about 200 km of gas pipelines and 1200 km of power transmission lines will be built. The efficiency of the Novolenskaya TPP at nominal load will be about 37%. The start of power supply to the wholesale electricity and capacity market is scheduled for July 1, 2028.

For a more detailed analysis, read issue No. 1539 of the monthly bulletin "Branches of the Russian Economy: Production, Finance, Securities. Electric Power Industry" dated September 06, 2023.