VEB.RF will finance the construction of 41 more schools in 22 regions

AK&M 30 May 2023 16:51

The Credit Committee and the Board of VEB.The Russian Federation approved the financing of school projects with a deadline of commissioning in 2024 for a total amount of 19.2 billion rubles – funds will be raised for the construction of 41 schools under the concession in 22 regions of the country: from the Belgorod region to Sakhalin. This is stated in the message of the WEB. RF.

In the person of the school of the WEB.The Russian Federation helps the subjects to solve the national task of reducing the second shift in schools faster. The concessionaire offers the regions a proven project implementation model, monitors the process at all stages and transfers a ready-made "turnkey" object. This is more than 40 thousand new school places in the regions with the greatest need. 

Thanks to the state program "Development of Education" and the use of the concession mechanism, the one-time burden on regional budgets has significantly decreased, the number of schools being created has increased. After commissioning, the ownership of the created object is registered with public authorities, the return of investments to banks takes place within 10-15 years at the expense of the regional and federal budget. Until the end of the concession, the school maintains and operates the facility, undertakes to develop, in agreement with the regional authorities, the segment of additional education.

Now there are 66 concession agreements for the construction of 68 schools in the portfolio of the school – this is more than 60 thousand places. Schools are comprehensively equipped with modern equipment and correspond to the concept of the School of the Ministry of Education of Russia. At the moment, 7 facilities in the Republic of Buryatia and the Belgorod region have already been commissioned and have received licenses.

In addition to the equity loan of VEB.Proshkola RF will attract funds from the senior lender, which is Sberbank PJSC, as well as funds allocated from the federal budget as part of the "demographic subsidy" to finance projects. Sberbank PJSC has approved the financing of 88 projects implemented with the involvement of a "demographic subsidy", 8 of which have already been put into operation. 

Proshkola LLC (VEB.RF Group) is a concessionaire approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, with which subjects and municipalities can conclude concession agreements for the creation of new schools within the framework of the state program "Development of Education" (national project "Education") no contest. To date, Proshkola has the largest portfolio in terms of the number of projects in the public-private partnership market.

Regions where schools will be built with a commissioning date in 2024: Krasnodar Krai, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Republic of Bashkortostan, Belgorod Oblast, Vologda Oblast, Kaluga Oblast, Kursk Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Primorsky Krai, Pskov Oblast, Republic of Sakha, Republic of Tatarstan, RSO Alania, Ryazan Oblast, Samara Oblast, Sakhalin Oblast, Tambov Region, Tula Region, Khabarovsk Territory, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Chelyabinsk Region, Republic of Chuvashia.

The State Development Corporation "VEB.RF" (State Corporation "Vnesheconombank") (TIN 7750004150) was established on the basis of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On the Development Bank" through the reorganization in 2007 of Vnesheconombank of the USSR. Vnesheconombank is one of the development institutions whose activities are aimed at eliminating infrastructural constraints of economic growth, improving the efficiency of natural resources use, developing high-tech industries, unlocking the innovative and productive potential of small and medium-sized businesses, supporting the export of industrial products and services.