VTB has introduced a new platform for risk assessment of brokerage products

AK&M 17 July 2024 13:28

VTB continues to develop an automated risk analysis system for various trading instruments. Work has been completed on the implementation of its own import-independent solution for assessing risk indicators for brokerage products. The implementation made it possible to increase the level of automation of business processes by 1.5 times, as well as expand the possibilities of margin lending and increase the efficiency of the broker's clients' investments. This is stated in the bank's message.

The new platform "Risk assessment of brokerage business" is included in the system for calculating market risks for trading operations. It allows you to calculate risk rates for different types of instruments, conduct a scenario analysis of the portfolio, assess potential losses in the implementation of a stressful scenario and the need for economic capital. The module is built on a target import-independent technology stack.

The transition to the new system made it possible to speed up some of the calculation processes and choose more modern risk assessment methods. Due to the new architecture, a system has been developed that quickly calculates the necessary metrics for current models. An optimized methodology has also been introduced, which uses up-to-date market information and modern methods for assessing risk indicators. This allowed the bank to offer customers more favorable terms and expand margin lending opportunities. Now clients will be able to work with more leverage, that is, to purchase more securities on credit.

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