Andrey Gubanov has been appointed head of the MTS retail network

MTS 07 December 2022 18:52

Moscow, Russia – MTS PJSC (MOEX: MTSS), a leading Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services, announces the appointment of the General Director of the MTS retail network (RTK JSC) Andrey Gubanov. The appointment comes into force on January 1, 2023.

In the new role, Andrey will be responsible for strengthening MTS' positions in the retail market and will replace Farid Kamalov, who has been appointed CEO of Concept Group, in this position. The transfer of cases will take place during December.

"I wish Farid success in his new role and thank him for a year and a half of working together. During this time, RTK has transformed into a retail network of a new format with a functional online store and an endless shelf," commented Vyacheslav Nikolaev, President of MTS.

"I am happy to welcome Andrey to the team. He has goals to further strengthen the position of our network in the market and promote ecosystem solutions. Loyalty to MTS digital services and products is largely formed through physical points of contact with the buyer and positively affects the "lifetime" of the client within the ecosystem, contributing to the achievement of our long-term business strategy," Vyacheslav Nikolaev added.

For the last two years, Andrey has held the position of Director of Equipment in the telecommunications business of MTS. He has extensive experience in retail. Until 2020, he held senior positions in the Group "M.Video-Eldorado", where, among other things, he was the managing director of the m_mobile brand — digital electronics stores.

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