Ingosstrakh-Life, portal launch joint project

Ingosstrakh 02 April 2021 18:31

Ingosstrakh-Life offers visitors of the web portal the "Avantage Invest. Immediate annuity" endowment life insurance product with guaranteed income, a comprehensive solution for saving money and earning higher income on annual contributions.

The program envisages additional options such as assistance in applying for a social tax deduction and telemedicine. For users of the web portal, Ingosstrakh-Life offer favorable terms under the "Avantage Invest. Immediate annuity" program: guaranteed income based on the amount of annual contribution is 15% in the first year and 7% in the subsequent years of the contract.

Insurance Company Ingosstrakh Life LLC operating as part of the INGO group specializes in the long-term life insurance, pension insurance, casualty and disease insurance. The company was spun off from Ingosstrakh Insurance Company (OJSC) in 2003 so as to meet the legal requirement to separate life insurance companies from providers of other insurance services.

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company (tax number: 7705042179) operating in the international and domestic market since 1947 is a leader among Russian insurance companies.

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company is entitled to provide all kinds of property insurance services, VHI, accident and disease insurance services provided for by article 32.9 of the federal law "On the Organization of Insurance in the Russian Federation", as well as the reinsurance services. The company is present in 149 cities and communities of Russia. The insurer's representative offices and subsidiaries are active in the CIS and other foreign countries.

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