Perm Polytechnic University scientists have identified the most stable type of interstory overlap during reconstruction

Perm Polytechnic University 24 March 2023 14:27

The overlap between floors is an important element of every multi—storey building. Without proper stability, the building may collapse, and the owners and their property will be seriously damaged. Replacement of interstory floors in an existing building is usually carried out when the structure is in a state of disrepair, and major repairs of this section are impossible or impractical. Perm Polytechnic scientists have found the most stable type of overlap, which at the same time turned out to be the most profitable from the calculation of technical and economic indicators. The technology can be used in homes where reconstruction is required.

The study was published in the journal "Transport. Transport facilities. Ecology".

The replacement of the existing interstory floor has differences from the new construction. For example, it is necessary to take into account the need to preserve the strength and stability of the walls. The difficulty lies in the impossibility of using crane equipment without disassembling the overlappings and coatings located above.

— To carry out the necessary research, we used an emergency warehouse building built in the 60s with attached administrative premises. All load-bearing walls are built of silicate bricks, the old floors were made of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab of 15 centimeters. For comparison, scientists took several types of overlap, among them were a multi—hollow reinforced concrete slab of 24 and 20 centimeters, a monolithic reinforced concrete slab of 15 centimeters, a reinforced concrete slab on a steel profiled sheet, a monolithic ribbed reinforced concrete slab, - said Denis Vysotsky, a graduate student of the Department of Construction Production and Geotechnics.

To begin with, scientists dismantled the old ceiling in the building, eliminated all the voids in the brick masonry, and then installed a metal beam. Then different slabs were laid. The surface receiving the plate should be smooth, whole, with the applied composition of cement.

— The experiments have shown that the most reliable and easy option is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab on a steel profiled flooring on metal beams, its mass is almost 2 times less than the mass of the previous structure, and in its properties and strength it is not inferior in any way. This option is especially convenient when installing an interstory ceiling in already built or dilapidated houses, since the steel profile itself is installed first, and the concrete mixture is already laid on it. Thus, it is possible to do without specialized equipment," said Daniil Tatiannikov, associate professor of the Department of Construction Production and Geotechnics.

This option of overlap can be used when installing interstory and attic floors. Depending on the purpose, it is necessary to choose the type of profiled flooring and its thickness. 

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