Rosatom and JSC "Baltic Plant" signed a contract for the construction of a unique vessel

Rosatom 25 May 2023 17:00

Rosatomflot (an enterprise of the Rosatom State Corporation) and JSC Baltiyskiy Zavod (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) have signed a contract for the construction of a multifunctional nuclear technological service vessel (MSATO).

By an order of the Government of the Russian Federation, JSC "Baltic Plant" was designated as the sole executor of the state contract for the construction of a multifunctional nuclear technological service vessel (MSATO). It is designed to perform a full range of work on recharging nuclear power plants of existing nuclear icebreakers, as well as the Akademik Lomonosov NPP (and in the future - modernized floating power units).

The document was signed by Acting Director General of FSUE Atomflot Leonid Irlitsa and Director General of JSC Baltic Plant Yuri Gordienkov.

"A multifunctional nuclear-technical support vessel will ensure the proper functioning of a modern icebreaking group. Financing of its construction is assumed according to the scheme: 50% at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation, 50% at the expense of the investment program of the State Corporation Rosatom. The construction is planned in accordance with the Development Plan of the Northern Sea Route for the period up to 2035, approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the planned completion date is 2029," State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov stressed in his address.

"Now the work on recharging the reactors of nuclear icebreakers of previous generations is provided by the Imandra floating base," said Leonid Irlitsa, Acting Director General of FSUE Atomflot. – This vessel was commissioned in 1980. We are moving forward. Three universal nuclear icebreakers 22220 operate in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. To solve new tasks, a multifunctional nuclear technology maintenance vessel is required. It will ensure the recharge of reactors on nuclear-powered vessels of the 22220 project."

"The transition to full–life cycle contracts is a modern trend in many industries. Therefore, when building nuclear icebreakers today, we must simultaneously think about how to efficiently and economically carry out their maintenance in 10, 20, 30 years. Starting to build a multifunctional nuclear technological service vessel, we want to ensure the long and safe operation of nuclear icebreakers, PBS and the entire Atomflot in general," said Alexey Rakhmanov, General Director of USC.

For reference:

Project 22770 was developed by JSC TSKB "Iceberg". MSATO is designed to carry out the following main technological operations: unloading of spent nuclear fuel from the reactor installations of serviced vessels; loading of fresh nuclear fuel; reception, storage and shipment of liquid radioactive waste generated during the operation of ship reactor installations, as well as during the reloading of nuclear fuel; aging of spent fuel assemblies in order to reduce residual heat generation. It can also load aged spent fuel assemblies into shipping containers for transfer to recycling; decontamination of removable equipment of ship reactor installations and reloading equipment.

Design characteristics of the MSATO vessel: length – 158.8 meters, width - 26 meters; draft - 7.5 meters; power of the GEU – 9.28 MW (on shafts); displacement – 22,661 tons; speed – 12 knots; ice class - Arc5.

The integrated development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation is one of the strategic priorities of the state. Increasing the volume of traffic on the NSR is of paramount importance for solving the tasks in the field of transport and cargo delivery. The development of this logistics corridor is ensured through the establishment of regular cargo transportation, the construction of new nuclear icebreakers and the modernization of the relevant infrastructure. The enterprises of the Rosatom State Corporation take an active part in this work.

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