Rostec and MISIS University discussed cooperation in the field of UAVs

Rostec 25 September 2023 19:19

Rostec delegation headed by Elena Druzhinina, Managing Director for Science and Business Cooperation, held a meeting with representatives of MISIS University dedicated to the prospects of cooperation in the field of UAVS, NUST MISIS scientists presented their developments in the field of quantum-proof communication channels, new materials, lithium-ion current sources, power electronics, etc. The meeting resulted in agreements on holding joint scientific and technical seminars to prepare a program of interaction between the university and the State Corporation. 

"Rostec is interested in working together to develop a scientific and production base and engineering schools in the field of unmanned aircraft systems. Now it is important to ensure a quick transition from projects to their real implementation and launch into mass production. And an important role in this process belongs to leading universities," Elena Druzhinina noted. 

According to the strategy for the development of unmanned aviation approved by the Government of the Russian Federation until 2030, a new branch of the economy associated with the creation and use of civilian drones should appear in Russia over the next six years. To solve this task, the national project "Unmanned Aircraft Systems" was launched in September 2023, the participants of which will be engaged in the formation of an industrial base and infrastructure, software development, the creation of design and engineering schools. 

According to the first vice-rector of MISIS University Sergey Salikhov, NUST MISIS is a multidisciplinary research and educational institution, in the structure of which eight large research institutes have been created that can offer the most advanced technological solutions for the tasks of the military-industrial complex. 

As a result of the visit, the parties decided to hold a number of joint scientific and technical seminars in October-November 2023, the results of which will prepare a program of interaction between NUST MISIS and Rostec State Corporation and an innovation session will be held.

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