Rostec has created a video monitoring complex for underwater drones

Rostec 10 July 2024 14:40

Rostec State Corporation's Roselektronika Holding has developed a video surveillance system for underwater unmanned vehicles. The complex can be used to monitor the water area, as well as underwater pipelines and drilling platform facilities. Special software allows you to achieve a clear image regardless of the speed of the device. Prototypes of the equipment have already been tested. 

The complex includes a monochrome video camera with a 52-degree angle of view and a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, a powerful lamp and a control unit. The complex can take pictures of objects located at a distance of 2 to 5 meters from it, for 50 hours and at depths of up to 3 km. Thanks to the technology of contrast-limited equalization of the image histogram implemented in the software, the clarity of the image does not blur when the speed of the drone increases, which reduces the time for examining objects. 

The development of an adaptive underwater vision system as part of Roselektronika is being conducted by the Television Research Institute. 

"As a result of the sanctions, problems arise with the supply and maintenance of foreign vision equipment. In addition, imported cameras are placed outside underwater vehicles, which makes it difficult to use them in difficult conditions. The development of the Television Research Institute solves all these problems, it integrates into the drone body and allows you to obtain highly detailed images. The complex has already passed the first tests and was highly appreciated by a potential customer," said Alexey Nikitin, General Director of the Television Research Institute. 

The Research Institute of Television is the main enterprise of the television industry, a developer of video information systems for monitoring, navigation and object management. The Institute's equipment is used in space, on earth, on water and underwater.

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