Russian Railways increased 3-month export cargo shipments to sea ports by 7.6%

Russian Railways 07 April 2021 17:46

For the 3-month period in 2021, Russian Railways increased export cargo transportation to seaports by 7.6% year-on-year to 87.7 million tonnes, the company informed.

In particular, 3-month export cargo shipments to the ports of the North-West reached 35.5 million tonnes (+8.6% year-on-year), 23.1 million tonnes to the southern ports (+13.1% year-on-year), 29.1 million tonnes to the Far Eastern ports (+10.7% year-on-year).

Coal accounted for 50.3%, oil for 23.7%, ferrous metals for 7.1%, fertilizers for 5.6%, grain for 3.2% of the export freight flow.

3-month coal shipments increased by 15.4% to 44.1 million tonnes. About 24.4 million tonnes of this solid fuel were shipped to the ports of the Far East (+10.2%), about 6.1 million tonnes (up 1.5 times) to the southern ports, 13.7 million tonnes (+13.6%) to the Northwestern ports.

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