The Navigation Season Begins At Segezha Group Enterprises In Krasnoyarsk Krai

Segezha Group 30 April 2021 19:55 On April 29, the proprietary fleet of the Lesosibirsky LDK No.1 JSC (Segezha Group, a Sistema company) launched its vessels as scheduled, after a winter break and some maintenance work. The barges, cargo ships, tug boats, push tug boats, floating crane, and motorboats have all undergone routine maintenance. Over the next week, the crews will have to wrap up the refitting and supply work and check the operation of radio navigation devices, systems, and mechanisms during a series of mooring and sea trials. With that done, the vessels will be inspected by the ship owner's committee and the regulatory authorities. After all of these inspections and tests, the vessels will be commissioned and put into operation.  
"All in all, our fleet is ready for the 2021 navigation season. Our Angara-96 ship and the BRP-105 and BP-181 barges have undergone a complete overhaul, which was carried out at the shipyards in Krasnoyarsk.  After all the necessary tests, the vessels will be commissioned for work and start taking part in the construction of waterborne structures for recovering floating timber and feeding it into the loading equipment," mentor captain Alexey Kaminsky noted, underscoring the fleet's readiness.
In this navigation period, the Plant plans to receive a total of 591,000 cubic meters of raw lumber from its timber harvesting branches via water transport. The Yartsevsky branch, located in the Yeniseysky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai, is preparing to ship 218,000 cubic meters of raw lumber by water during this navigation period. The branches in the Angara region, Tagarinsky and Shiversky, have already prepared and are arranging to ship 138 and 235,000 cubic meters of sawn timber, respectively. The sawn raw timber will be shipped to the Plant on barges and rafts between May and late September this year."We owe our consistently high timber output, first and foremost, to the resource and equipment upgrade at our timber harvesting branches," says Evgeny Kosyanenko, Timber Harvesting Director of LDK No.1. "The company's investments into new equipment and infrastructure, forest road construction, and the improvement of the employees' living conditions and quality of life increase our timber harvesting efficiency, improving workplace safety and the quality of the raw materials that we harvest".

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