SIBUR joined the founders of the national ESG Alliance

SIBUR 26 January 2022 18:00

SIBUR took part in the first official meeting of the founders of the National ESG Alliance. During the meeting, organizational and legal issues were discussed, and documents necessary for the legal registration of the alliance were signed. The structure managing its activities, the National Alliance for Social and Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development, will be created in the status of an autonomous non-profit organization. In addition, the meeting approved the charter of the organization, the structure of the governing bodies and the candidacy of the Director General of the organization - Andrei Sharonov, who previously headed the Moscow State University "Skolkovo", was appointed to this post. It is also determined that the main governing body of the alliance will be the supervisory board of 28 people - representatives from each of the founding companies.

Chairman of the Management Board Dmitry Konov joined the Supervisory Board of ESG-Alliance from SIBUR:

"SIBUR became one of the first companies in the country to adopt its own sustainable development strategy. Since 2019, we have been consistently implementing the principles formulated in it in all aspects of our activities, which is already reflected in the company's high positions in national, international and Russian ESG ratings. Today SIBUR sets even more ambitious goals, including reducing its carbon footprint and implementing closed-loop economy projects. We are ready to share our experience in the field of already established ESG practices and see the potential in joining forces with the largest companies in Russia for their further development."

The alliance's mission is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable economic development model that ensures the conservation of nature, the well-being of society and the long-term prosperity of business within the existing limitations of natural resources, based on the interest, cooperation and partnership of all parties involved. Its creation was initiated on December 1, 2021, the initiative was supported by leading Russian companies with a total revenue of more than 10 trillion rubles and more than 1.5 million people employed.