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01 March 2024 19:59

The next stage of the application campaign for the allocation of investment quotas for the construction of ships and factories for the fishing industry has started in Russia

Quotas will be distributed according to the 1st and 2nd stages of the state support program for further modernization of the fisheries complex of the Russian Federation.
01 March 2024 19:45

A new accounting procedure for farm animals has been introduced in the Moscow region

On the territory of the entire Russian Federation, from March 1, 2024, the "Veterinary rules for labeling and accounting of animals" came into force.
01 March 2024 19:31

Unscheduled inspections of the readiness of subjects for the fire season have begun in Russia

The fire season is open in 7 regions of the Russian Federation.
01 March 2024 19:15

The Federal Air Transport Agency discussed the development of airports in the Irkutsk region

There are eight airports in the region, and almost everyone needs reconstruction.
01 March 2024 19:13

Rosselkhoznadzor revealed violations in the supply of caviar from Armenia and canned meat from Belarus

The Rosselkhoznadzor, during laboratory monitoring, revealed inconsistencies in the food products supplied to Russia by several companies from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union

01 March 2024 19:10

YAMZ and Yartsevsky district of the Smolensk region have signed a cooperation agreement

As part of the agreements, the company's investments during the year will amount to 15 million rubles.