A.Mechetin sold Royal Credit Bank

AK&M 17 April 2024 17:59

The main shareholder of Royal Credit Bank, the founder of Novabev Group, Alexander Mechetin, withdrew from the bank's capital. About this "Kommersant" a representative of the businessman said.

A.Mechetin joined the shareholders with a share in the capital of more than 50% in 2011. Immediately before the transaction, he owned 87.5% of the bank's capital.

Together with him, Viktoriya Ivanova, Chairman of the Management Board of the bank, and Nikolay Belokopytov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Novabev Group (formerly Beluga Group), also resigned from the shareholders. Three shareholders owned 95.9% of the bank's shares. "These persons have completely withdrawn from the bank's capital," the source told Kommersant.

"The bank was sold for capital, the transaction amount was about 1 billion rubles," A.Mechetin told Kommersant through his representative. The buyers were private investors—individuals, their names are not disclosed under the terms of the transaction. Other details of the deal were also not disclosed.

The businessman's representative also clarified that A.Mechetin resigned from the board of directors immediately after the closing of the sale of the bank. The sale of the bank itself took place in the first half of April, the source said.

Royal Credit Bank is registered in Vladivostok. The Bank specializes in cash settlement services and lending to small and medium-sized regional businesses, factoring financing and provision of self-collection services.

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