British Porvair acquired Belgian European Filter

AK&M 06 December 2023 19:18

Porvair plc, a British filter equipment manufacturing company, has acquired a 100% stake in Belgian European Filter Corporation NV (EFC). This is reported in the Porvair press release.

EFC to join Aerospace Division & Industrial within the framework of the Porvair structure, offering additional services and strengthening the company's position in European markets against the background of high demand in the aerospace, petrochemical and water supply sectors.

Porvair is a company that develops solutions for the aerospace industry and quality control of molten metals. The company includes the Aerospace and Industrial division for the manufacture of a wide range of filtration equipment for the aerospace, energy and industrial applications; Laboratory division for the manufacture of devices for use in environmental laboratories and Metal Melt Quality division for the development of porous ceramic filters for molten metals. The headquarters is located in North Lynn (United Kingdom).

EFC NV is a Belgian supplier of filtration technologies. The company offers a complete line of fiber-layer mist collectors and systems for removing submicron-sized liquid aerosols from gas and air flows. EFC technologies are widely used by enterprises to reduce emissions in a wide range of industries. The headquarters is located in Lummen (Belgium).

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