New VOCs have been brought to full capacity at SIBUR's Tomsk enterprise

AK&M 11 August 2022 12:24

At SIBUR's Tomsk enterprise, new local wastewater treatment plants (VOCs) have been brought to full capacity, as well as existing wastewater treatment facilities have been modernized. This is stated in the company's message.

The construction of the VOC made it possible to create an effective multi-stage wastewater treatment system coming from the production of ethylene and propylene, which with a margin covers the needs of existing production facilities and takes into account the prospects for the development of the enterprise.

The project made it possible to reduce the volume of pollutants in monomer production effluents by 9 times and reduce the load of the enterprise on urban treatment facilities by a quarter. SIBUR invested 1.9 billion rubles in the construction of LOS.

SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemical company in Russia. SIBUR processes by-products of oil and gas production. In 2020, SIBUR's revenue amounted to $7.2 billion, EBITDA – $2.5 billion.